Paediatric Dentistry

From baby teeth to molars, our paediatric dentistry is focused on supporting your child – and you!

Treating children or paediatric dentistry, is what puts a smile on our face here at Starbright Dental. Our dentists aim to make sure your children never dread climbing in our dental chairs but rather enjoy keeping their teeth clean, flossed and healthy. The team at Starbright Dental has immense knowledge in handling nervous, worried or even ‘first timers’ to the practice. Ensuring your child feels calm and at ease, we finish the experience off with a little present for good measure.

Our dentists provide the following services to maintain optimal oral health for your children:

  • A risk assessment to check for caries in infants, via an oral exam;
  • Preventing any possible decay by means of cleaning and fluoride treatments coupled with diet and nutritional recommendations;
  • Breaking bad habits such as thumb and pacifier sucking;
  • Orthodontics such as early assessment for an incorrect over- or under-bite;
  • Fixing cavities or defects;
  • Diagnosing possible oral conditions that may occur as a result of diabetes, asthma, hay fever etc.;
  • Treating any gum disease and associated conditions like ulcers, short frenulae, mucoceles, and pediatric periodontal disease
  • Dealing with any dental injuries like a fracture, displace or knocked out tooth.
  • We only use white glass ionomer fillings which have the best bio-compatibility for fillings on children’s teeth.
  • Happy gas is available for anxious patients
  • Medicare Bulk Billing for Children eligible to the Child Dental Benefits Scheme

We really do have what it takes to hold your child’s hand on their dental journey from infant to adult and give them the smile they have always wanted. Book an appointment with our paediatric dental team today!

Let us take care of your children’s teeth!
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