New types of fillings are always emerging meaning that there are a number of different options available to patients today. Some are extremely popular while others are rarer and some have become controversial.

  • Dental fillings can be made out of special glass particles but is a less common option. It is not available at all surgeries and clinics and will only be recommended based on a whole host of factors
  • Gold cast filings usually last a long time if properly cared for. The material doesn’t corrode and offers durability and strength as well as the ability to withstand pressure from chewing. The colour is very visible though.
  • Silver amalgam can last just as long as a gold one if taken care of. It offers the same amount of durability at a much lower cost. Again they are very visible and some patients may be allergic to the alloys used
  • Tooth coloured composites offer a natural aesthetic and are great for those looking to conceal the fact that they have a filling. These are bonded to the tooth itself and provide an enhanced level of support and strength.
  • Glass ionomer fillings contain acrylic and a specific glass compound. They are usually reserved for repairing cavities below the gum line or dental problems in children. These do need to be replaced after five or so years.