It’s Nearly Spring – Time For Your Regular Check-up!

  • Dental Health   •  Jul 26, 2019

Regular check-ups are essential for maintaining excellent oral health.

Making time to see the dentist can often be a challenging task especially if you are juggling family life and work.

By visiting the dentist, twice a year, you are on the correct path to maintaining excellent oral health and preventing dental problems from occurring.

Here at Starbright Dental, we have come up with a list of benefits for why regular visits to the dentist are important.

Benefits of visiting your dentist

Early Detection

One of the biggest causes of tooth loss in Australia is tooth decay. According to a report and study completed by the Australian Health Policy Collaboration (2018), 90% of all Australians have some form of tooth decay. Whether it is from poor maintenance of oral health or diet, it is something that can easily be prevented.

Visiting the dentist twice a year can allow for early detection of tooth-related issues including decay and gum disease.

Maintaining Oral Health

By visiting the dentist regularly, your teeth and gums can remain healthy. During your regular appointment, your dentist will complete a comprehensive oral examination as well as a thorough clean of the teeth to remove any plaque build-up or stains.

The final touch of the regular appointment is a slather of fluoride which safeguards the teeth against future plaque buildup.

Lighter on the wallet

Visiting the dentist regularly and maintaining your oral health, is comparatively inexpensive. If you start skipping appointments or aren’t proactive with the maintenance of your oral health, it can haunt you down the track and end up costing you a lot more especially for restorative treatments.

Keep bad breath at bay

Having bad breath can often leave the person feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. Attending regular check-ups and continuing to maintain oral health at home, you are already in the fast lane for combatting bad breath (also known as halitosis).

Regular cleaning can not only prevent bad breath, but it also allows for the removal of build-up tartar and calculus. This results in a fresher and cleaner mouth as well as your teeth looking fresher.

Regular Check-ups at Starbright Dental

If it has been a while between dental visits, we encourage you to contact us and book an appointment with one of our experienced dentists. As a way to say thank you for coming in for a checkup, we will provide you a take-home oral hygiene kit which includes a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste.

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