Paediatric Dentistry: The Importance of Regular Dental Check Ups

  • Dental Health   •   July 28,2021

Between sports activities, school functions, and family obligations, it can be all too easy to neglect your child’s regular dental checkups. Although these visits may seem like drudgery at times, it can be helpful to refresh your memory on why these visits are so vitally important.

Children’s dentistry, particularly for kids who have at least some baby teeth, is not that different from adult dentistry in many ways. Once your child has one or more teeth, they can be subject to tooth decay. You may think that their baby teeth are not that important since they will eventually lose them anyway, but your child still needs to have a solid foundation to be ready for their permanent teeth. So the earlier you begin properly caring for their teeth and gums, the less chance they have of developing serious problems down the road.

Benefits of Regular Dental Checkups

There are a surprising number of reasons why your child would benefit from keeping up with their regular dental checkups. Here are just a few.

Establishes Relationship With the Dentist

By scheduling regular dental checkups, you are ensuring that you and your child get to know their dentist, helping form a relationship built upon trust. The idea is to get your child to be as comfortable as possible in a dental setting so that they do not put off needed dental care when they become adults.

So these regular appointments are sometimes fairly mundane, but they are very important in developing trust and encouraging future dental visits so that your child’s teeth, mouth, and gums remain attractive and healthy.

The dentist-patient relationship also makes providing your child’s dental care simpler and easier. When your child visits the same dentist regularly, they can house all of their dental records under one roof so that a complete picture of your child’s oral health is readily available.

Forms Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Working together with establishing a relationship of trust, regular dental appointments for your child are important in establishing a routine that will serve them throughout their life. We can even offer you and your child some information and resources about how to care for their teeth at home, including providing them with their first tooth brush!

Prevents Cavities and Tooth Decay

The main goal of paedriatic dentistry is to give your child their best chance of keeping their original teeth throughout their lifetime. These regular checkups are vital in spotting problems like cavities and tooth decay before they can become major problems that would require complicated and expensive dental work in the future.

Ensuring Proper Teeth Development

It is essential that your child’s teeth develop properly. You don’t want to leave things to chance. Parents don’t always know what is normal. But your child’s dentist is trained to appreciate precisely how things should be developing.

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy helps to ensure that their permanent teeth are attractive and healthy. When their permanent teeth begin developing, your dentist will be on the lookout for problems like incorrect positioning and overcrowding. If these types of issues are detected, your child can receive early orthodontic care when intervention is easier and less costly.

Keeping Teeth Clean and Healthy

Although brushing and flossing regularly are vital to protecting your child’s teeth and gums, they still need a professional cleaning periodically. One of the main problems is that plaque, which is removable through brushing and flossing, can develop into a harder substance called tartar if your child should miss a spot or two in hard-to-reach areas.

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