Pain Free Dentists: They Are Who We Need

  • Dental Health   •  Sep 2, 2018

Modern dental care and oral surgery innovations here on the Gold Coast tend to be the best.

Toothaches are part of life, from kids going through growing pains to adults who may have slacked on their dental routine, or just anyone who has a sensitivity to cold and hot foods. Whatever the reason, toothaches can be quite painful, and most of us want a quick remedy to take away the pain, and fast! In a different part of the world, further back in time, we can find an even more gruesome attempt at relief from a nagging toothache.

According to a study, the ancient Chinese wrapped tiny pieces of parchment around painful teeth, all of which contained written prayers and incantations. That is considered the last resort of the ancient Chinese people. Well, everyone around the globe has their own ways to lessen the pain when their toothaches. In Germany, it is believed that kissing a donkey relieved toothaches. The Aztecs believed that one of the best ways to remedy a toothache was to chew on a chili pepper to numb the pain.
Would you believe that? If that was done today, your friends will surely laugh at you. Yes, you can pray but have your prayers literally wrapped around your tooth? Will you kiss a donkey or chew a chili pepper as what Aztecs do? That must be crazy!

At Starbright Dental, we tend to believe that the most modern dental care and oral surgery innovations here on the Gold Coast tend to be the best.

Starbright Dental has a team of professional and pain-free dentists that will cater to all the dental services that you might need for your oral health. We have been established for years now and rendering high-quality dental services to everyone on the Gold Coast. We place great pride in providing high-quality dental treatment, a welcoming environment, and amenities to make your experience a relaxed and enjoyable one. We are a brand new dental surgery that exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere where we take your dental experience to a whole new level.

So if your tooth aches, yes do pray. And then visit Starbright Dental in Southport on the Gold Coast so our reliable and professional team of dentists can give an answer to your prayer. We will make the pain go away, promise.

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