Preparing Your Child for Their First Dental Visit

  • Paediatric Dentistry   •   June 2023

Preparing Your Child for Their First Dental Visit: Tips for Parents

Taking your child to their first dental visit can set the stage for a lifetime of positive oral health habits. However, it’s natural for children to feel anxious or uncertain about this new experience. As a parent, you play a crucial role in preparing your child for their first dental visit. By following a few simple tips, you can help create a positive and comfortable environment that fosters a healthy attitude towards dental care.

Start Early 

Introducing dental care early on sets the foundation for good oral health. Even before their first tooth emerges, gently wipe your baby’s gums with a clean, damp cloth after feedings. As teeth begin to appear, transition to using a soft toothbrush designed for infants. This routine familiarizes your child with dental care from the start and makes the first dental visit less daunting.

Lead by Example 

Children often learn by observing their parents’ actions. When it comes to dental visits, lead by example and demonstrate a positive attitude. Share your own experiences with your child, emphasizing the importance of regular dental check-ups and the positive outcomes of maintaining good oral health. This helps alleviate any apprehension they might have and makes them more receptive to the idea of visiting the dentist.

Choose a Paediatric Dentist 

Selecting a dentist who specializes in paediatric dentistry is crucial for your child’s first dental visit. Paediatric dentists have additional training to make children feel comfortable and at ease during their appointments. They have a child-friendly office environment, utilize age-appropriate techniques, and employ effective communication strategies that help build trust and reduce anxiety.

Schedule a “Meet and Greet” Visit 

Consider scheduling a brief “meet and greet” appointment before the actual dental visit. This allows your child to become familiar with the dental office and meet the dentist and dental staff in a relaxed setting. You might even consider taking them with you to your next dental appointment.  The focus of this visit is to build rapport, answer any questions, and establish a positive connection. It helps your child associate the dental office with friendly faces, easing their fears.

Use Positive Language 

Avoid using negative or fear-inducing language when discussing the dental visit with your child. Instead, emphasize the positive aspects, such as how the dentist will help keep their teeth healthy and clean. Frame the visit as an exciting adventure and an opportunity to learn about their teeth and oral hygiene. This positive framing can help alleviate any anxiety they may have.

Read Books or Watch Videos

There are numerous children’s books and educational videos available that can help familiarize your child with the dental visit process. These resources often feature engaging characters and age-appropriate explanations of what happens during a dental appointment. Sharing these materials with your child can help them understand what to expect and reduce any apprehension.

Role Play 

Engage in pretend play with your child, taking turns being the dentist and the patient. Use a toothbrush and mirror to mimic a dental check-up. This role-playing activity allows your child to become comfortable with the idea of having their teeth examined, helping them feel more at ease during the actual dental visit.

Keep the Visit Positive and Supportive 

On the day of the dental visit, create a positive and supportive atmosphere. Bring along your child’s favorite toy or comfort item to help them feel secure. Offer words of encouragement and praise their bravery. Avoid expressing any of your own dental anxieties, as children can easily pick up on their parents’ emotions.


Preparing your child for their first dental visit is an important step in nurturing their oral health journey. By starting early, choosing a paediatric dentist, and using positive techniques, you can help your child develop a positive attitude towards dental care. Remember, the goal is to create a comfortable environment that builds trust and encourages a lifelong commitment to oral health. 

We are currently offering the following special offers for children up to the age of 17:

Age 0 – 5: Free with any paying adult recall appt. Otherwise $75-$100

Age 6 -11 – $145 Complimentary x-rays if required for new patients.

Age 12- 17 – $165 Complimentary x-rays if required for new patients.

Your child may also be eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). For more information, visit the Services Australia website.

To book a consultation, or for more information on the CDBS, call us on 07 5591 3620 or book an appointment using our online booking system.


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