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  • Dental Health   •  Oct 2, 2018

We are often asked why do I need a professional dental clean, isn’t my toothbrush, twice a day is all that I need? Well let’s look at that question for a minute, do you think the average person brushes their teeth properly?

Apparently, 40 percent of those with teeth, don’t brush their teeth every day. The research found people aged between 26 and 34 are the worst at caring for their teeth, more 50.87 percent not brushing at least once a day. Over 55s are much better, with 68 percent getting their toothbrushes out at least once every day. Despite being bad at keeping teeth clean, many are concerned about the color and state of their teeth, with 41 percent saying they don’t show their teeth in photos.

So just from those statistics alone, we can pretty much say the answer is not all people brush well and may need a professional clean.

But what are the major benefits of having a professional cleaning by your dentist? Let’s look at a few.

Prevent cavities

The whitish film that builds up on your teeth is called plaque and is the leading cause of tooth decay. This acidic substance eats away at the tooth enamel and, if left unattended, can lead to cavities. Plaque can be removed by brushing, flossing and dental cleanings.

Stop tooth loss

Gum disease, which starts with built-up plaque, is a major cause of tooth loss in adults. As gum disease advances, plaque moves further down the tooth where it can destroy the supporting bone in your jaw, causing teeth to loosen and fall out. Luckily, the chance of this happening to you can be greatly reduced through regular dental cleanings combined with good oral hygiene habits.

Brighten your smile

Drinking coffee, tea, and wine or using tobacco can stain your teeth. A dental cleaning and teeth whitening can remove built-up stains and leave you with freshly polished teeth. The result? A whiter, brighter smile! Last but not least, A regular clean from Starbright Dental on the Gold Coast can save you money in the long run as you your teeth will be in much better shape.

So, if your close to Starbright Dental at Southport why not make an appointment soon for a professional clean and dental treatment. And enjoy the next smile, no need to be shy.

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