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Are you looking for wisdom tooth removal on the Gold Coast?

Today, wisdom tooth removal is a pretty standard procedure. Even if you are not in pain, wisdom teeth can cause problems in future especially if they become impacted or stuck, meaning they can’t break through your jaw and into your mouth. We therefore suggest getting them removed sooner rather than later.

Apart from these extractions being common today, here are some other reasons you should consider getting them removed:

  • They could damage your other teeth. They are, after all, an extra set of molars that may cause pain when you bite down.
  • Cysts could form around these new teeth and create jaw damage is they are not treated immediately. These molars can damage your nerves and hollow out your jaw.
  • If your Wisdom Teeth are indeed impacted, this could lead to serious sinus pain, pressure and congestion.
  • The tissues around your gums may become inflamed and hard to clean and sensitive to touch.
  • Swollen gums caused by impacted Wisdom Teeth can create pockets between your teeth where bacteria will breed and cavities will form.
  • If there are too many teeth in your mouth and these impacted Wisdom Teeth are taking up space, problems with jaw alignment can be caused leading to teeth that are not straight.

What does Wisdom Tooth Removal involve?

Using x-rays, we at Starbright Dental determine which wisdom tooth needs to be removed, if not all of them. Depending on the complexity of the problem, the operation may be performed in the chair using local anaesthetic, or in an operating theatre under a general anaesthetic. We may refer you to a recommended oral surgeon should a theatre procedure be required.

Post-operation, your jaw and gum areas are likely to be sore, swollen and prone to bleeding for a few days. You may also experience complications like a dry socket, where the site doesn’t heal as well as it should. Don’t worry though, this can be successfully treated by one of our dental experts.

As with any procedure at Starbright Dental, your care is our number one priority. Having your Wisdom Teeth removed is a fairly uncomfortable procedure to have done and this is why we want you to know that you are in good hands and can relax at our practice. You will receive post-operative instructions to take home after the procedure and these will also be explained in detail by one of our nurses. In true Starbright Dental style, we will give you a call just to check in and see how your recovery is going.

Non-insured wisdom tooth removal starts from $250 per wisdom tooth. For private health members, you will need a consultation to determine out of pocket expense.

This procedure doesn’t need to be daunting or scary. We would love to guide you through this process so contact us today.

Let us take care of your troublesome wisdom teeth!

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