Teeth Whitening? Let Starbright Dental Do The Work!

  • Dental Health   •  Sep 28, 2019

With all the teeth whitening products sitting on the shelf at the local pharmacy and all the ads you get harassed with, on Social Media for the same, an often-asked question will be, “What’s wrong with DIY Teeth Whitening?” or “Why do I need a dentist?”

Starbright Dental believes a professional teeth whitening treatment offers several benefits that you cannot get from an off-the-shelf one-for-all product.

One problem to avoid? The potential of “Zebra Teeth” Whitening treatments bought online or at the local pharmacy, typically come in one size and strength to fit all types of teeth. Unfortunately, when it comes to dental work, every patient has unique needs. The whitening trays and strips chosen for the treatment may provide satisfactory results on one patient’s teeth while providing another with only a partial whitening. This can result in uneven results, with some teeth appearing perfectly white, while others still show stains, that’s why it’s referred to as “Zebra Teeth”.
Quick results. The whitening products you buy at your local pharmacy may help you attain brighter teeth, but you may need to use them for weeks, or even months before you see noticeable results. With some products, you may not ever see the results you desire.

With the Zoom Teeth Whitening system for professional treatments that are affordable dentists in Starbright Dental recommend for our Southport and Gold Coast patients, the treatment time for an in-office whitening usually lasts about an hour and can produce results up to ten shades brighter in a short time.
So, there are two great reasons (and we can give you a lot more) on why you should come and visit us at Starbright Dental located in Gold Coast for your Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment.

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