Wisdom Tooth – A Mystery of the Mouth

  • Dental Health   •  Aug 2, 2018

The final set of your teeth to arise

Incisors. Canines. Molar. Common types of teeth we know. But do you know that there is also a Love Teeth? Goes to show that “Love isn’t just in the air but in the mouth also”

In Korea, a wisdom tooth’s name is ‘Sa-rang-nee’ (사랑니, love teeth) referring to young adulthood and the pain of first love.

Wisdom teeth are one of the biggest mysteries of the mouth. Why?

Because we don’t know exactly when and how they’re going to grace us with their presence. Every person has a different experience with wisdom teeth and there aren’t any hard or fast rules to when or how they’ll come in.

Some people don’t even have wisdom teeth. These are the last teeth to grow in the mouth. When these teeth align well, and the gum tissue is healthy, they don’t need to be removed. Unluckily, this doesn’t always happen. Wisdom teeth removal will be inevitable, especially when such teeth can’t emerge properly in the mouth.

Starbright Dental is a dental practice with a team of experienced, family-friendly and reliable dentists that has been providing a high-quality dental treatment to the people on the Gold Coast since 2014. Here, you can have your regular dental treatment at its best.

Removing these teeth surgically is common nowadays since we don’t need them and the pain they cause can stop us from being able to eat. For any wisdom teeth removal here on the Gold Coast, the care of our patients is our number one priority. We understand that this is a traumatic procedure to have done and this is why you can relax and know you are in good hands with our experienced dentists.

Yes, falling in love is such a beautiful experience.

But would you love a tooth that constantly gives you pain? So before it fully erupted from your gums, you can have our team here at Starbright Dental remove your wisdom tooth for you.

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