Your First Appointment at Starbright Dental – What to Expect

  • Dental Health   •  Oct 15, 2020

At Starbright Dental, we put the care of our patients at the forefront of everything we do. This includes ensuring that you are fully informed throughout each stage of your treatment with us. This article outlines what you can expect before, during and after your initial appointment at Starbright. 

On Arrival

You will be required to fill in a Medical History form. It is a good idea to have if applicable the names and dosage of any medications you are taking. 

During the appointment

Your initial appointment will take approximately 60 minutes, where your Dentist will conduct an examination including XRays, clean and polish your teeth, provide a fluoride treatment and then discuss your dental health plan.

The Examination

Your Dentist will examine not only your teeth but also the hard and soft tissue, carry out an oral cancer check, examine your gums to detect any gum health issues and of course examine all teeth recording and highlighting any concerns. Intra oral pictures may be taken so the dentist can show and educate any issues clearly. 


During the examination, your Dentist will take 2 digital X-rays which will be shown to you during the appointment. These X-rays  are kept on file and referred back to at later appointments in order to track the progression of any issues.  


Your Dentist will then perform a professional clean using an ultra sonic scaling tip. This will remove stains and any built up plaque or tartar both on and between your teeth.  Depending on the health of your gums, when cleaning between teeth, it is common for your gums to bleed slightly. While the amount of blood is dependent on how just healthy your gums are, any bleeding usually stops within minutes after the cleaning has finished. 

Fluoride Treatment

After the clean, fluoride will be applied to your teeth and flossed in between them. Fluoride helps to strengthen your teeth enamel which helps to project them from decay.

Discussing your dental health plan including at home care

At the conclusion of your appointment, if required, your dentist will discuss any follow up work required.  This will outline the time and costs for you to complete your treatment.  They will also discuss your at home dental care to ensure that you are doing everything you can to reduce the chance of developing future dental problems.

After the appointment

After the appointment, if a treatment plan is required, our practice manager will provide you with a document outlining your dentists recommendations, including costs.  Our practice manager will then discuss booking in future appointments to complete the plan, or if a plan is not required, simply booking in a 6 month regular check up.   You will be reminded of any upcoming dental appointments via text or email.

To book a consultation at Starbright, please call us on 07 5591 3620 or complete the enquiry form on this page. We look forward to helping you maintain your dental health.

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