Zoooom!!! White Teeth on the Gold Coast

  • Dental Health   •  Jul 2, 2018

Tom Cruise has one of the most famous smiles in showbiz. His smile can literally sweep girls off of their feet, no one can deny that. But do you know that he actually started his career not with white but with discoloured, broken, missing and misaligned teeth?

Yes, that “Hollywood Smile” that we admire him for is not really natural (Sorry girls).

Over the years he’s had numerous orthodontic and cosmetic dental procedures to camouflage his quite complex problems. In 2002, some gossip magazines were awash with photos of Tom at age 40 sporting ceramic braces in order to fine-tune his smile and bite.

This just proves that in this world of today, a smile is an asset to a celebrity, to a businessman or even to an ordinary person. Hence, you need to look after your dental health to maintain this asset.

Starbright Dental on the Gold Coast is a one-stop clinic for your dental needs. We are a family-oriented dental practice with an experienced, professional and caring team that is dedicated to providing everyone with a positive and enjoyable dental experience. Our educated and well-trained dentists can take care of you as we understand that dental procedures might hurt when being done this is why you can relax knowing you are in good hands with our experienced dentists.

Starbright Dental is proudly an accredited dental practice located in Southport and proudly servicing the whole Gold Coast community. We cater wisdom tooth removal, teeth whitening, paediatric dentistry, root canal treatment and all facets of general dentistry. Our professional team here is very much equipped and capable of giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Tom’s story just goes to show that anyone should pay a regular visit to Starbright Dental on the Gold Coast to maintain your smile, no matter how famous you are.

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