Six Reasons Why You Should See A Family Dentist

  • Dental Health   •   October 2, 2017

In this world, you get two types of dental practitioners: the general dentist and the family dentist.

A family dentist is like an heirloom that gets passed down from generation to generation and is not just reliable but also part of your family. What sets family dentists apart from just a normal general dentist is that they are truly jacks of all trades and masters of them too!

Here are six reasons why having a family dentist trumps having just a normal one, every time:

  1. The most obvious but most important one: general dentistry is specific to one age group (older than 16 years), while family dentists can walk this journey with you and your family from before your baby is born, right through to adulthood. Family dentists are trained extensively and geared towards focusing on any dental issues that could occur at any age. They do not focus just on maintaining your smile, but rather on educating patients of every age on the best teeth cleaning practices and routines.
  2. You don’t have to run around town seeking different specialists for different issues. A family dental practice is a one-stop-shop that simplifies your life and is reliable and qualified in every variation of dentistry. From your grandparents to your toddlers, you could squeeze the whole family into one car on one day and have your 6-monthly check-ups in one day is done and dusted for the year.
  3. Family dentistry ticks all the boxes. They offer the widest range of services and treatments that cater to every age and need. Dentures for the elderly; teeth-whitening for the bride-to-be; veneers for the ’60 and fabulous’ mother-in-law; braces and Invisalign for the self-conscious teen; Wisdom-Teeth extractions for the pre-teen; sports mouthguards for the active dads and sons; and general cleaning of Milk teeth and sensitive gums – family dentists can do it all, in one place.
  4. Like an unofficial member of your family, these dentists build relationships with you and your clan and make personal connections that aid in dental care. From your son’s favourite colour for his custom-fit mouthguard to date and time that suits your grandmother after her shopping, family dentists get to know what you do and don’t like through years of bonding and connection. This open communication makes it easier to for everyone to sit in that ever-feared dental chair and for you to voice your concerns and compliments. You will establish trust in their team and know that you are always in safe hands when in their practice.
  5. Adding to this convenience, it is so much easier to keep track of your dental records and history. All stored in one place under one family name, these files can detail trends and genetic history and future predictions for your family’s wellbeing.
  6. The best part about including this dentist in your family is that your children are bound to follow suite. That means that they are likely to keep the tradition and ensure that their family visits the practice too and this speaks volumes for the expertise of the practice and its staff that have made you feel like you would never want to go elsewhere.

Family first is part of our ethos at Starbright Dental and we are a team who is delighted to be regarded as the family dental practice of Southport. We offer an extensive range of family-centered treatments that can cater to every age group of your family. We are friendly, approachable and want to hold your hand throughout your life as your trusted and loved dentists. Our doors are open and we’d love to meet you and your family. Visit us today and let’s chat about how we can be here for you and your family, today and always.

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